Area51 Project - Learning's Vmax 600:


Machine Specs:


1999 Yamaha V-Max 600

600 Triple Cylinder 2-Stroke

Front: Trailing Arm

Stock Plastic Skis

Rear: Proaction Plus Skid

Track: 121"x15"x1.25" Rip Saw

23/39 Gearing

Electric Start

Mechanical Reverse


Sled Sold 2014



Well its finally happened. In early Fall 2006 Learning finally joined the rest of us and picked up a snowmobile! It's a 1999 Yamaha V-Max 600 triple short track.


This sled is in great shape, is stock, and has reverse & electric start.


The Vmax is powered by Yamaha's 600cc triple cylinder two stroke motor which sounds fantastic and makes fantastic power.



Steve used this sled for two seasons including many local rides and a couple trips to Sooley's cabin. Since then he's moved to Alberta, gotten married, and moved back but the old Venture still sits in his parents back yard on a pallet under a tarp. So although the sled is still in stock, my guess is its a bit of a project now to get it running again.

2014 Update: Learning finally decided to part ways with his V-Max, crew member Steve Long picked up the sled for a great price. Amazingly the sled was still in great shape as it had been fogged down & stored on wooden pallets. After cleaning out years old decrepit gas from the carbs & tank, the sled started immediately on fresh gas and a new battery! Other than painting the front suspension arms, there were no other repairs needed! A test run in the Goulds went smooth and Steve traded the sled on a motorcycle shortly there after. It was a true demonstration of the quality & durability of these old Yamaha Sleds. 


Cheers, MIKE

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