Area51 Project - Justin's Nytro X-TX:


Machine Specs:


2009 Yamaha FX Nytro X-TX

Genesis 130FI - 1050cc 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke

Front: Double Wishbone - Piggyback GYTR Shocks

Stock Crappy, Darty Skis

Rear: Dual Shock CK 144 skid - Dual Clicker Shocks

144"x15"x1.25" Camoplast RipSaw Track

Stock Gearing, Mechanical Reverse

Studded Track

Tour Buddy Auxiliary Gas Tank kit

MBRP trail muffler

Yamaha Removable Saddle Bags


Sled Sold 2013


Well after years of pawning over his brothers sleds, young Justin finally manned up, bought a sled, (albeit a Yamaha-but I wont hold that against him) and has joined us in terrorizing the Newfoundland winter landscape. He purchased this machine used as it was formerly owned by Mr. Pollard and previously Mr. Todd, this great sled is like the village bicycle, everyone's had a ride- and Justin would have it no other way!

This sled is mostly stock, but came already equipped with many of the necessary accessories such as hand guards, belly pan, A-arm protectors, and even a set of Yamaha Removable saddle bags. This year Justin added a "Tour Buddy" auxiliary fuel tank kit to improve his range, and a cool ass sounding MBRP trail muffler. This can really makes the Nytro's triple cylinder engine sound great without being obnoxious. Justin had a couple runs in the Goulds and two trips to the west coast in 2012 before selling the sled in 2013

Cheers, MIKE

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