Area51 Mark's Eskimo Outbreak 650XD Hot Tent build:

French and I have been discussing for awhile now getting a hot tent for winter ice fishing for greater comfort and the ability to stay out overnight or even a couple nights. Outfitter tents are pretty expensive, bulky and a PITA to set up. We started watching YouTube channel Chuck Porter - Everything Outdoors, an outdoor enthusiast from Labrador who converted an ice fishing pop up shelter into a hot tent.



Mark also needed a woodstove and enlisted the help of crew member Terry Slaney who among many other talents is a fantastic welder fabricator.



He built a beautiful heavy duty stove to Mark's specifications but included his own design ideas to create an awesome finished product.



The door and damper system are very stout, very well fitted and easy to use.







Terry also did an absolutely beautiful job carefully bending round rod to make folding side racks for laying a pot to cool or drying wet clothes.







Mark's custom stove jack also came from Greg Russell in Portugal Cove who once again did an absolutely beautiful job.













Mark also coated his stove with 2 coats of Tremclad brush on stove paint to keep it looking great!












So we are now both ready and waiting on weather to get out in the woods and properly test our new tents!


Cheers, MIKE

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