Area51 Project - French's 2008 Honda Foretrax 400at:


Machine Specs:

2008 Honda Fourtrax 400at

400cc Oil/Air Cooled Single Cylinder 4 Stroke

5-Speed Hondamatic Transmission

Factory Selectable 2wd/4wd

26" CST Wild Thang Tires

12" Stock Steel Wheels from a Foreman

WARN 2500lb Winch

Rear Cargo Box

Moose Heated Grips & Thumb Warmer


This past fall Mark decided to revive the French family Honda Fourtrax 400at ATV that had been sitting unused for many years. With a 2nd bike Heather and the girls could join him on ATV trail rides in comfort.



The bike received a full maintenance including new a Battery, spark plug, engine oil/filter and differential oils. A full inspection was performed and all looked well, which was expected with such low mileage.



Mark removed the tattered aftermarket windshield and opted to ditch the dry rotted rubber. He picked up a set of much more trail friendly tires, 26" CST Wild Thangs which replaced the OEM 24" Dunlop's.





Avery in on the maintenance action!



Lastly we installed a set of Moose heated hand grips and thumb warmer with a 5-step controller, which incidentally are rebranded high quality Heat Demon grips!





Now mark and family can ride in comfort on trails near their home not easily accessible with the Argo.


Cheers, MIKE

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