Area51 Project - French's 2013 Golf Cart:


Machine Specs:

2013 Club Car Golf Cart

350cc Single Cylinder 10hp Kawasaki Engine

Automatic Unitized Transaxle

Front & Rear Tapered Monoleaf Suspension

Hydraulic Shocks

23x10.5x12" Tires

12" ITP Black Aluminum Wheels

6" Lift Kit with heavy duty multi leaf rear springs

Added OEM Rear Seat upgrade

Fender Flares

Custom Steering Wheel

Added OEM Front and Rear LED Light Kit

Front Mounted Rigid Dually D2's

Custom Apple Green Matte Finish wrap

Bedliner Rear "No Step" area and roof


Machine Sold 2021


Last Summer Mark and Heather purchased a 5th wheel camper and site at Marine Park in Pouch Cove. They along with their two girls have been enjoying their time there tremendously and plan to spend a lot more time there this summer.



As a part of that plan, earlier this year French and I rebuilt a couple of patio decks on the site, one under his storage shed, and one for the BBQ. Check out more pics of that operation under the Campsite Patio Decks article.



At Marine Park you are allowed to operate Golf Carts (gas or electric) all over the campground to visit neighbours, go to the lake or simply go for a ride. ATV's are banned from operating within the park during peak camping season.



French and Jason came across a wicked deal on a couple used golf carts on the mainland and had them shipped home right away. Before the carts landed they both had a slew of accessories ordered and also shipped right away. First to be installed was a full front and rear 6" lift kit to clear new oversized tires. The kit is a direct bolt in and came with great instructions.



While we had the front end apart we replaced the well worn Chinese wheel bearings with brand new Chinese bearings packed with quality Lucas grease.







The OEM tire size was 18x8.5x8" while the new tires are 23x10.5x12" mounted on beautiful ITP 12" Aluminum Wheels.





Next we got into the rear suspension which only includes a lift block & hardware to achieve lift. However as French was also adding the optional OEM rear seat he opted to upgrade to heavy duty multi-leaf rear springs to better handle the weight of 4 adults on the cart.



The replacement spring kit also included all new bushings which were greased and pressed into place.





All suspension hardware was torqued with the vehicle at ride height and will be rechecked after a couple weekends use.



The lift kit and tires alone are a huge appearance upgrade but there's more to come!






We used a straight edge lined up with the rear tires to get the front tire alignment in the ball park. We then measured toe out setting it recommended spec.



French had the cart custom wrapped in a colour similar to his '72 Camaro which will really make it stand out amongst the crowd at Marine Park. Our next project was installing an OEM LED light kit starting with the rear taillights. The Club Car carts are prewired for rear lights from the factory, we followed the instructions and drilled a hole where indicated and found the harness as promised inside the body cavity.



The new lights installed with double sided tape and two screws and were a direct plug and play with no electrical splicing necessary.



Next we began the installation of the OEM optional rear seat which replaces the golf bag carrier on back of the cart.



The instructions that came with the kit made the installation pretty straight forward.





Next up was upgrading the ugly stock steering wheel.



The new wheel came with an adaptor to go from Club Car to most aftermarket wheels and looks great!



Next we installed a set of 4 extended wheel flares. The kit came with black Christmas tree push pins, but French upgraded to the stainless hardware kit which not only looks great but holds the flares (which are prone to getting knocked about on narrow trails) much more securely.







Next we set about finishing the LED lighting kit which included a plug and play rectifier, switch, harness and a front LED light.









We found the OEM front light bar OK for up close illumination but lacked much throw down the trail. Mark had a new set of Rigid Dually D2's kicking around from his old truck so he installed them on the front bumper with a new wiring kit and dash mounted switch.



The D2's will be primarily used as high beam lights and really light up the trail well!



While the cart was being wrapped at Auto Trim Design, French had bed liner applied to the rear "No Step" areas of the cart, now partially hidden below the rear seat, and had both sides of the tan roof coated for a nice clean modern look.

The cart really came out well and is being enjoyed by the whole family every weekend at the camper!


Quick 2021 Update:

Mark's golf cart continues to run well and has been much enjoyed by friends and family alike down at Marine Park.



This year the golf card was inspected, greased and received an oil & filter change.



Mark also wanted some custom decals made for it, so I got to work creating custom cut decals for the Snot Rocket.





This unit will certainly stand out from the crowd now!


Cheers, MIKE

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