Area51 Project - Dan's Suzuki King Quad:


Machine Specs:

2005 Suzuki King Quad 700

700cc Single Cylinder Four Stroke

Fuel Injected, DOHC 4 valves per cylinder

CVT Automatic Transmission

26" ITP Mud Lite Tires

12" OEM Aluminum Wheels

Independent Double A-arm Front Suspension

Independent Double A-arm Rear Suspension

Disc Brakes Front & Rear

Rear Storage Seat

WARN 2500lb Winch


My neighbour Dan picked up this beautiful 2005 Suzuki King Quad 700 a few years ago and has been enjoying the smooth ride of the independent rear suspension and ample power provided by the stout fuel injected 700cc engine.







Traction is provided by a set of upgraded 26" ITP Mud Lite tires, 10" wide in the front and 12" wide out back mounted on OEM 12" aluminum wheels.



In the summer of 2019 Dan started having trouble with the bike stalling and losing power. He did a search on some of the Suzuki ATV forums and determined it was a faulty fuel pump/in tank filter which is a common problem on these bikes. He ordered an aftermarket replacement and I gave him a hand to swap over the electric pump & filter sock into the fuel pump assembly.

To separate the two halves I used a bunch of nails to unlock all 4 locking tabs at once and pulled the unit apart.



The new electric pump fit great and we had the bike back together in no time. The results were better but there was still a problem and the stalling/losing power came back within a couple rides.



Fast forward to spring 2020. Dan and I hauled the bike apart for a thorough inspection.





The only thing that stuck out as a definite problem was the spark plug boot was split, broken and missing the bottom rubber boot. That could allow water to come down the recessed spark plug hole on top of the motor and short the plug to ground (the engine casing).



Dan ordered a replacement coil which came with a new plug wire, boot and seals. We installed the new part along with a brand new spark plug.



We also did a quick inspection of the drive belt and did a quick cleaning of the clutches to remove belt dust to make sure the primary clutch want sticking and stalling the motor.



We temporarily hooked up the electronics and the bike seemed to run well!



We continued on with a much needed standard maintenance draining and replacing the engine oil and front & rear differential oils.






Dan picked up an oil change kit at our local Suzuki dealer which included 3L of proper oil, a new filter and replacement crush washers for the engine oil drain bolt and the rear differential drain bolt. Replacing crush washers on these bikes is extremely important as there is a high chance the drain bolt will come out if its not replaced.



Fresh synthetic 75w 90 gear oil was used in the front and rear diffs.





With repairs complete for now it was time to reassemble the bike and get out for a test ride.













The first test ride went well at first but the bike soon began to break down and loose power. Dan made a post on the NL ATV Facebook group and another awesome Suzuki owner Greg Hill posted up a likely solution.





We removed the air box to access the throttle body and proceeded to remove the fuel injector for inspection.



Just as Greg predicted when we removed the fuel rail we found the top of the injector plugged with fine sediment from 15 years worth of riding.



We used a dental pick, q-tips and brake parts cleaner to thoroughly clean the injector.

I'm pleased to report that the bike is now running great and has been out on many rides with no power loss issues. There is a randomly occurring low idle condition that we are working on fine tuning which could come down to replacing the main battery ground and/or replacing the throttle position sensor.


Cheers, MIKE

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