Area51 Project - Bill's RX-Warrior-ized:


Machine Specs:


2004 Yamaha RX1

Deltabox Chassis

1000cc Genesis 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke

Front: Double Wishbone

Rear: Stock skid with Hartman 136" Extension Kit

136"x15"x1.5" Camoplast Intense Track

Mechanical Reverse

Red Anodized Windshield

Sled Sold 2011


The fall of 2004 saw both Bill and French purchasing their first 4 stroke snowmobiles, Bill with a new RX-1, and French with a new RX-Warrior. The standard RX-1 came with a 121" track while the warrior came with a 136" track. The RX1 features a 1000cc four cylinder four stroke engine, which is torquey, smooth, quiet and reliable. Bill personalized his sled with the addition of a red-chrome windshield and left the rest pretty well stock for quite awhile. General maintenance such as suspension inspections and oil changes being the only necessary work, as these sleds have proven quite reliable.



In the Fall of 2008 Bill discovered a cracked rear suspension arm which he had repaired and strengthened at a local welding shop. He then painted both arms with an identical color paint as the body of the sled, which really looked awesome.



In the fall of 2009, a track replacement sparked the idea of adding an extension kit & longer track for better hookup and flotation in deeper snow. Bill had the crew at Atlantic Recreation install a Hartman 136" extension kit, which included rail and tunnel extensions and necessary hardware.


The track he chose was a 15x136x1.5" Camoplast Intense Track which would perform much better in deep snow then the old Camoplast Rip Saw, but still had great manners on the trail. To compensate for the heavier, deeper track, Bill changed the top gear in the chain case to maintain great low end pull.


Fall 2010 Update:   2010 Pics

In December 2010 Bill pulled the chain case apart for a bearing replacement and general check over to make sure everything was working well. Just a few weeks later he struck a great deal on a new sled and traded in the RX-1 on a new Yamaha Nytro XTX. The new machine has a rider forward riding position, a longer track, and lighter weight which I think will suit Bill's "no holds barred" riding style!


Cheers, MIKE

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