Area51 Project - AJ's Silverado 2020:

Submitted by Ron Power Written by Mike Smith

Truck Sold Fall 2020

June 2019: AJ Power's 2007 Silverado is looking mighty fine with new rubber & 20" chrome wheels. This rim and tire package really makes the levelling kit stand out and compliments his trucks chrome trim very well. Later this summer we will be starting the install of some stereo equipment, well at least a new working head unit to start!



June 2020: AJ recently got a great deal on a used set of 4 LED lights and a bar to mount them on his Silverado. The lights are Nilight brand and seem pretty sturdy and in great shape especially for used lights!





Ron and AJ did a great job neatly running wiring into the cab for a dash mounted switch to operate the lights. In the door jamb you can see some subwoofer pre-wiring we installed last summer in anticipation for a sub box build Ron is working on.



Power was tapped off the distribution centre on the truck, fed through a fuse and relay to power up the lights all with soldered connections!







The lights certainly appear bright, an awesome investment for safe night time highway driving!



Next up was installing some new speakers as the door speakers were completely trashed and the rear speakers intermittently not working.



The trashed OEM speakers were removed from the doors and trimmed so Ron could reuse the bezels. This would allow the new speakers to match properly with the door panel when screwed in place.



A preformed vapour barrier box for an octagon box was the perfect fit for the new 6" round speakers. GM doesn't use anything here from the factory and water trashes the speakers rather quickly.



New speakers mounted, tested and working.



New 4"x6" rear speakers were installed in the B-pillars. Ron traced down an intermittent open circuit and found a loose connection at the head unit the cause of some of the trouble with the rear speakers. Having 4 working speakers will be a huge improvement in AJ's truck!


Cheers, MIKE

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