September 3-6, 2004 Labor Day Weekend:(29 Photos)


29.   The Labour Day long weekend traditionally marks the end of the summer camping season and once again it arrived all too soon.



28.   The crew headed up to Maffer & Chrissy's Cabin in Tors Cove to celebrate another successful summer, as well as the recent birth of baby Gavin, son of Maffer and Chrissy, the first baby in our crew!







25.   French brought up his Polaris Sportsman which was recently outfitted with fancy new Mud Bug tires, I had my Honda Foreman, and Long had a rental Polaris Scrambler 4x4. The three of us managed to log quite a few miles cruising the trails of the Southern Shore without getting too too tangly.



24.   Up until this trip, we've always had bonfires in front of the cabin, which made parking a pain. We decided to clear away the Alder Bushes from behind the cabin and build a new larger, safer, more comfortable fire pit back there.



23.   Using the bikes and a couple straps & cables we hooked onto the alders one by one and pulled them out with ease. We piled them up over by the well to dry and burn next year.











18.   During the course of this operation, the fragile UV-ray weakened plastic well cover got damaged (most likely by Sooley), so we cut down one of our new water barrels  and installed it to repair the well.


17.   With the fire pit moved to the rear of the cabin we were able to have way more parking and build a tarp awning on the front deck to keep us dry while barbequing, as it rains all to frequently when we're at the cabin!


















8.   There was one large rock in the middle of the driveway that always had to be avoided by anyone driving a car. Maffer, Sooley French & Bill got out the shovels and dug around it finding it to be quite large below the surface, like an iceberg!



7.   With the rock loose, Mark got out his tow chain, hooked it around the rock and onto his Dodge Dakota. With a little finesse they had the rock extracted just like a bad tooth!



6.   With the rock removed I graded the road using my bike dragging an old cast iron woodstove behind to level everything out.







3.   Towards the end I use French as ballast and we did a fine job of fixing up the driveway. 





1.   All in all it was quite a productive weekend. We managed to have weather clear off enough to test out our new fire pit, even baby Gavin joined us by the fire for a little while.

Cheers, MIKE

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