September 18, 2004 Wood Stowing: (10 Photos)


10.  This fall a few of the byes had an overnighter at Sooley's Cabin to get a rather large pile of firewood split and stowed in the woodshed for the coming winter. Sooley, Justin, Bill, Janes and Humphries headed to Whitbourne and got to work completing most of the task by days end.


9.   That evening after a BBQ supper the guys hit the beer & cards hard and a time was had. Some passed out sooner then others, a lot of laughs were had and storied told.

















1.  Most importantly the job got done (even with a slight hangover), but the jury is still out on whether Humphries is allowed back on another cabin trip! LoL! At least we'll be warm this winter!!!

Cheers, MIKE

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