Nov 27, 2004 First Run of the Season: (15 Photos)


15.   After a long wait through Spring, Summer and Fall, Winter is finally back and has arrived early! Pre Christmas snowmobiling here on the East Coast of Newfoundland is rare and with many new machines in the crew the guys were eager to get out for a test flight! This past summer Todd traded his Yamaha RX-1 on a new summer toy but picked up a lightly used blue Yamaha Viper 700. This immaculate machine is a 700cc triple cylinder two stroke with power valves which not only makes great power but emits the sweetest exhaust note of just about any two stroke sled on the snow.



14.   French traded his 2-up touring Yamaha Venture on a brand new single seat Yamaha RX-Warrior. This beautiful metallic burgundy machine is Yamaha's 136" track version of the standard RX-1 four stroke snowmobile.  It features a 150hp 1000cc four cylinder four stroke engine from their R1 street bike tuned to operate in a snowmobile chassis.



13.   Sooley was riding his new to him Skidoo Mach1 purchased at the end of last season, which he rode in April of this year for the first time.



12.   The boys loaded up and headed to Power's Road in the Goulds for some safe rock free ground to ride. There wasn't a heck of a lot of snow on the ground, but the fields of the Goulds are always a great place to log some break in/tuning/early season miles with little risk of damage. Since the fields are mowed for hay in the summer they are pretty well rock & stump free provided you stay clear of the edges and are careful on the trails that connect them.























1.   The guys managed to scratch the snowmobiling itch and logged a few damage free miles! 

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