Nov.25, 2005 Goulds to Foxtrap ATV Run: (22 Photos)


22.   What better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon then to spend it in the woods. Chris Hodinott and I had been talking about going for a run on the bikes for a while now, but as usual stuff comes up and plans get postponed.


21.   Under sunny skies we loaded up my Honda Foreman, and Chris's Yamaha 660 Grizzly and headed to Northern Pond Road just outside the City. Leaving the trucks we headed in the road planning to reach Fox Trap Pasture Lands (in the vicinity of 1000 acre marsh).


20.   Heading in the Northern Pond Road we took the first woods road to the Right in past the Gravel Pit, (not to be confused with small bike paths), then following the correct series of forks in the trail ended up on the Pasture Lands.


19.   Following the wrong set of forks will stick you in the middle of nowhere sharing company with only the Moose. Since this was late fall the pasture lands were vacant, I don't go in there when the fields are full of cows. Turing right we headed out the fields and followed pasture land road out towards the highway.


18.   Along the way we stopped to play in a nice gravel pit that offered a couple great climbs on both sheer rock and loose gravel. I love testing the capabilities of project Foreman on obstacles like these.











13.   Once we tired of that we headed out the road to the transmission line.


12.   There are 2 paths to the pole line from the road, one that goes through the woods and one that skirts the bottom end of Dog Pond.


11.   We chose the latter as its messier and more interesting then the first. Reaching the Pole Line we found some easy mud holes, and some nice off camber obstacles to climb.


10.   This area known as the Dog Hills is a great year round place to play, rock crawling on ATV in the summer and hill climbing on snowmobile in the winter.



8.   At the top of the first hill we stopped for a lunch, nothing special this trip, just a quick sandwich and we were back on the bikes for more trail riding!


7.   We headed up the pole line for a bit to scout out the trail for a future further trip stopping to climb some trails off the pole line along the way. Choosing our own path we reached the top of a bare granite hill overlooking the surrounding countryside.





4.   The ever shorter Fall days meant evening was approaching ever too quickly, we turned around and headed back towards the trucks the same way we came.


3.   Along the way we burned the last bit of daylight in the old gravel pit on Northern Pond Road which was only a couple minutes away from the trucks.




1.   It was an awesome day, we didnít cover a lot of distance but that's OK too. I love slow rocky trails like the Pole Line, it tests the limits of traction, improves balance and rider skill climbing over, around and through obstacles that could stop or divert most people. 

Cheers, MIKE

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