May 24, 2005 Tors Cove Cabin Trip: (38 Photos)


38.   The May 24th holiday weekend is the unofficial start of camping season for many cabin goers in Newfoundland, our crew was no different as we loaded up the bikes and headed to Maffer & Chrissy's cabin in Tors Cove.






36.   We had been up the previous couple weekends renovating and repairing the cabin, and we continued our renovations for the first part of this long weekend.  The rest of the weekend we took a moment to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour and some bog!



35.   The first item on the list was to get the toilet moved from the large rear corner room to the bathroom size small, centre rear room. This would create another nice size bedroom. While we were working on the plumbing we also connected the drain from the new kitchen sink, which would be great as the previous sink was never plumbed in. We cut a hole in the new bathroom floor and installed the toilet flange, then we got down in the crawl space and ran a new PVC pipe from the toilet out through the existing hole in the foundation. We also installed a "Y" fitting, a reducer coupling, and a smaller drain pipe over to the kitchen sink. Connections under the sink were completed by French while Maffer, Sooley and I moved outside to redo the piping from the foundation to the septic line, including the installation of a new vent pipe.



34.   Once the drains were complete, Sooley connected the water line from the barrels to the toilet and installed a tap for filling a wash basin. We also installed a small shelf to use as a makeshift vanity and mirror to complete the new bathroom. The old bathroom was turned into an additional bedroom by repairing the old toilet drain hole, painting the floor, and moving in a new double bed. 



33.   With the plumbing complete we moved outside for some brush clearing maintenance. We got some straps and started pulling out alders with the bikes from in front of the cabin to make the parking area larger, and we cleared a space for parking trailers further down the driveway.




31.   Meals at the cabin were usual awesome BBQ fare, searing lots and lots of cow!


30.   The rest of the weekend was devoted entirely to relaxing and riding. Adam had a lend of a Honda 650 Rincon, Long had a Honda TRX350 rental bike, Sooley rented an 80cc dirt bike, while French and I brought our Honda Foreman's. Maffer had a few rides on my 1972 Honda 50 minitrail dirt bike, even sporting a 1970's gold sparkle helmet. 


















21.   As usual there was a lot of mud riding involved in our adventures where we tried all the tangliest trails we could find.












15.   Sooley and Maffer even managed to get in a little trouting as well.




















5.  There were doubters but good tires and a front locker got the job done!








1.   Monday came all to soon and another fantastic holiday weekend was on the books. We made some substantial improvements to the cabin, and had a lot of fun on the bikes.

Cheers, MIKE

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