March 3, 2007 Sled-Headz Charity Run: (13 Photos)


13. charity run for Jason Lingard, Northern Pond Road St. John's to Buster's Cabin in Salmonier:


12.   For those who you who are not aware of Jason's situation earlier this year he was helping a fellow sledder with mods and rear suspension repairs/installation for his snowmobile.


11.   Venom's beautiful Yamaha Viper 700 triple.


10.   On the last step they began to check the track alignment so Jason lifted up the end of the sled and his buddy gave it a couple of quick shot of gas, then BANG!


9.   Jason felt a pain in his leg and looked down there was blood everywhere and his father rushed him to the nearest hospital. The track split and caught Jason's leg in the turmoil. In the end he had to have his leg amputated.


8.   After hearing about Jason's accident forum moderators Roger (Venom), Todd (Shindig) and I (action) decided to organize a charity run to raise some much needed money for him and his family. The planned run would take us from Northern Pond Road to Buster's cabin near Salmonier and return.

Friday evening Roger, Todd and I met up on Salmonier Line to mark the trail from the pole line to Buster's Cabin with flagging tape to aid in navigation. All went well, I lost a drive belt on the way back running across "Old Sea", but quickly installed a spare.

The next morning the Sled-Headz crew met on Northern Pond Road, ran registration, and departed with a rather larger group on our journey under sunny skies. Quite a few volunteers donned safety vests and acted as marshals to ensure the entire ride group made it safely. The group rode in Northern Pond Road, crossed Thomas's Pond, and picked up the pole line all the way to Salmonier. From there they followed the marked trail to Buster's. The first of the ride group was already at Buster's while the end of the group turned off the pole line to travel the marked trail when foul weather set in. It became quite blustery and showed no signs of letting up.


7.   I was with the last group Dad was riding with un on his old Cheyenne, we were just coming onto Old Sea when his sled started to cause trouble not running right. I found a split in the carburetor boot to which I made a temporary repair with electrical tape, but the buttons on the secondary clutch were worn and seizing the clutch not letting it backshift. This caused the sled to ride like you were starting off in 2nd of 3rd gear, which was horrible on hills and with the deepening snowfall.


6.   We both opted out of the rest of the run and headed for Salmonier Line via Peak Pond. We contacted my brother who picked up my Jeep & trailer on Northern Pond Road to retrieve us on Salmonier Line. Two other fella's waited to be picked up by a friend as well since they did not have enough gas to complete the return journey.


5.   It became quite stormy and all machines were burning more gas than anticipated running in the powder snow.




3.   The first group to arrive at Busters left early to beat the weather, Roger, Todd and the last of the group had a rough time on the return trip. At times it was only for GPS and looking up at the power lines overhead to determine that they were still on the pole line.


2.   All in all it was a very successful day, between registration fees and extra donations we raised $970 for Jason which was presented to him in a ceremony held at Honda One in Mount Pearl. Prizes donated by the ride sponsors were drawn for and won by many lucky individuals who registered for the run.

Big thanks to the following Sponsors:



Cheers, MIKE

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