March 27, 2004 Run - St. Phillip's to Town: (11 Photos)


11.   This morning Sooley, French, and Bill met at French's house in St. Phillip's for a snowmobile run in that area of town. Leaving from French's house they headed to Hogan's pond connecting up with trails in the area.


10.   Sooley was riding the old 340 Enticer, Bill his '97 Vmax 700, and French his '04 Venture 700 touring.


9.   Along the way they found a few areas to jump and fool around, Sooley got air on the old Enticer, and promptly broke off a rear bogy wheel.














2.   Unfortunately this meant the track wouldn't stay tensioned, so the guys took a run to Atlantic Recreation on sleds for a new wheel.


1.   Great way to spend a Sunny Saturday in fresh fallen snow!

Cheers, MIKE

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