March 13, 2004 Sooley Cabin Guys Trip: (29 Photos)


29.   After having such an awesome time this year at the Annual Winter Cabin Trip, and having lots of snow still on the ground, we couldn't pass up an opportunity for an overnight & snowmobiling at the Sooley Cabin.



28.   Our plan was to arrive early Saturday morning, sled all day, have a time that night, followed by more skidooing the next day, before returning home.









25.   Sooley on his Old Enticer, French with his Venture 700, Bill with his V-Max700, I with my GT500, and Maffer using the Enticer 410, arrived at the cabin as planned and quickly got the machines ready to go.









22.   We spent the day hitting every possible jump we could find, climbing the hill at the end of the pond, and making a run to Ocean Pond. Lots of flight time got logged this weekend as we all grew more comfortable with it.












18.   That night we had a bon fire in the upper field where Sooley, Maffer and I were up so late the sun came up. Grabbing an hour nap we got ready and hit the trails once again.






16.  This was also some of our first times water skimming. This part of Highwaters is pretty shallow so the consequences of failure are not life threatening. I think its a great skill to have, and a heck of a lot of fun too!





















9.  Even the old Enticer II could get across the short side!



8.  This was tangly, French and Bill were on his Venture with Bill sitting backwards taking photos of me coming behind. My skies started to death wobble in the wake from French's machine but it held true (barely) and we made it across!



7.   This is the only living pic of Sooley's 340 Enticer skimming water! Its the only photo ever because the old bugger barely made it. He started down the pond as fast as it would go, as soon as the track hit the water it slowed right down and started to porpoise across the water. By some miracle it porpoised at the right time and leapt up on the ice on the other side!

















1.   With our gas burned and daylight fading we packed up and headed for home with plans for the next adventure already being discussed!


Cheers, MIKE

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