March 11, 2007 Paradise -Tors Cove Run: (12 Photos)


12.   Under beautiful sunny skies French, Maffer, Bill and Sooley left Lanark Drive in Paradise to make run to Maffer's Cabin in Tors Cove on the Southern Shore. Unfortunately I had to sit out this trip due to work commitments. They crossed Adam's Pond then Octagon Pond in Paradise and continued out the pole line to the TCH, onto to Northern Pond Road and from there to the Goulds. In the Goulds, they picked up and followed the old pole line to Witless Bay where they stopped briefly for fuel at Crane's Gas Bar.





















2.   Leaving Witless Bay they followed the new pole line west to Gull Pond in Mobil and stopped to tear up some drifts on the side of the pond. From there they crossed the ice and picked up the pole line once more, riding all the way to Maffer's cabin in Tors Cove.



1.   It was a beautiful day on the sleds and it was neat to leave town from one doorstep to arrive at another all without truck or trailer!

Cheers, MIKE

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