June 19-20, 2004 Sooley Cabin Trouting: (18 Photos)


18.   Whenever we decide to go trouting we usually refer to our short list of favourite places where we know we will catching something more then a cold.



17.   The pond at Sooley's cabin is one of those places, and its made doubly better by the fact that the boat is up there all summer long.



16.   This was the first trouting trip of 2004 so Sooley hooked onto the family speedboat to take it up to the cabin or the summer.  Sooley, Spurrell, Maffer, Learning loaded up and headed out over the highway to Whitbourne to the Sooley cabin to launch the speed boat and spend the night in the bunk house.



15.   We also got to try out the "new" V4 outboard Mr. Sooley had installed earlier that spring, and it ran pretty good, much better then the old piece of crap that was originally powering the boat.



14.   Going up the pond Maffer was sat in the rear left seat, Sooley made a high speed turn at the top of the pond, the prop must have come out of the water so foreword momentum halted and a rather large wave came in over the stern soaking Maffer right through!















9.   That evening we stayed in the bunk house as Mr. & Mrs. Sooley had a cabin full themselves.









6.   The next morning while waiting for the rest of us to get aboard the boat Maffer casually cast his line caught the biggest fish of the trip!















1.   It was another successful and enjoyable trouting adventure!


Cheers, MIKE

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