Summer 2006 Recreational Food Fishery: (22 Photos)


22.   Earlier this summer, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans announced the re-opening of the recreational food fishery, something we haven't seen in our province since 2001. Here is an excerpt of the release from D.F.O.:

The management measures for the 2006 Recreational Groundfish fishery are as follows:

  • Recreational fishing for cod and other groundfish will be permitted in all areas of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NAFO Divisions 2J3KL, 4RS3Pn and 3Ps).

  • The season will be five weeks long, opening on August 1 and closing on September 4, 2006.

  • There is no requirement for tags or licenses.

  • A daily bag limit of 5 fish per individual and a boat limit of 15 will be closely monitored.

  • The department will monitor fishing activity level and catch rates to estimate removals.

  • DFO Fishery Officers will closely monitor activity and failing to comply with the management measures governing the 2006 Recreational Groundfish Fishery could result in charges under the Fisheries Act.


21.   This announcement sparked excitement in a lot of our crew as we set about fashioning hand lines, lures and Gaffs, and getting boats ready for the salt water.


20.   Many of us hadn't been on the salt water in years and either never or only rarely had a chance to jig a cod like older generations of Newfoundlanders.








16.   French and I made quite a few trips in his Honda powered 14' Princecraft Aluminum boat managing our quota on most trips. Not only did we have to re-learn jigging, but to clean & fillet our catch as well!


15.   We also had a couple trips in Sooley's larger Fibreglass speedboat launching it from the marina in St. Phillip's.




























1.   It was an awesome experience, one I hope D.F.O. will maintain in the future.


Cheers, MIKE

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