January 28, 2007 Goulds to Witless Bay: (22 Photos)


22.   The first decent snowfall of Winter 2007 finally arrived and it follows one busy Fall spent in Area51! This year I transformed my 2-up Grand Touring Skidoo into a single seat Renegade style sled. I changed the gearing, installed a more aggressive 1.25" track,  a low windshield, and higher handlebars. The only part I'm waiting on is a proper 1-up seat, although I have removed the cargo rack, and I'll be stripping the Grand Touring decals as well. Todd also spent some time in Area51 working on his 2006 REV 500ss, installing a clutch kit, reeds, and a new red/white plastics package with custom decals.



21.   The long awaited first ride of the year attracted quite a large crew. Some of us met up at the Bennett ATV shop and headed to Power's Road in the Goulds to meet the rest of the crew. Sooley was riding Learning's V-Max 600 to give his poor back a break from the old Enticer (since he wrote off the Mach1-700 late last season at Mount Peyton).



20.   After we left Power's Road on the sleds we subsequently lost the Bennett ATV crew, but French, Bill, Maffer, Sooley, Todd, Hoddinott, Roger, Pollard and I stuck together.







17.   We left the Goulds crossing Chicken Farm Road to Northern Pond Road, crossing to Foxtrap Pastureland Road and picked up the main transmission line westbound.















10.   We spend some time playing on the hills & bowls all along the power line to Witless Bay Line.







7.   Project Renegade was working awesome. The new track is simply amazing, the higher handlebars are much more comfortable for boondocking and the machine is looking great, even with the wrong (for now) seat.







4.   After reacing Witless Bay Line we turned South across the open country and rode all the way to Crane's Gas Bar. Pollard in Witless Bay. Sooley, Maffer and Pollard got stuck on a large snowdrift coming off the open country into the woods, other wise it was a pretty smooth trip.







1.   Gassing up at Crane's, we came back to the Goulds via the pole-less pole line. All in all it was another fantastic day on the sleds, project renegade is working great and I cant wait for the new seat to arrive to finish off the look.

Cheers, MIKE

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