January 28, 2006 Goulds First Ride: (12 Photos)


12.   Compared to last year when we squeezed in our fist snowmobile ride in November, Winter 2006 was shaping up to be much more typical for the East Coast of Newfoundland.


11.   It was now the end of January and we're finally logging the first ride of the season.


10.   This past fall I kept progressing on Project Invader this work included the application of factory pin stripes to separate the two tone paint, remanufactured Kawasaki & Invader 440 decals, a custom black windshield, and a freshly recovered seat.


9.   On this run, I planned to ride the Invader while dad was going to use my 1997 Skidoo.


8.   We met up with Sooley, Bill, Adam and French on Powers Road in the Goulds, got the sleds unloaded and took the Invader up across the field and back. Bill was ripping it up on his RX-1, French his identical RX-Warrior, Sooley was back riding the old Enticer and Adam was riding a Rincon 650 ATV.


7.   The sled was idling away as I donned the rest of my riding gear when it suddenly shut off. We couldn't get the machine to re-fire as it wasn't generating any spark no matter what we tried.


6.   Dad ended up towing the Invader home opting out of the ride so I took my Skidoo for the day.


5.   The afternoon was spent cruising the woods roads and fields in the area, as there really wasn't enough snow to ride any of the smaller trails or power lines. 






2.   Later in the day we met up with one of Bill's work buddies who was testing out a new clutch set up on his Yamaha Viper.


1.   It was a great day and hopefully I can get project Invader fixed soon as its looking super sharp!

Cheers, MIKE

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