January 23, 2005 Goulds Powder Rip: (14 Photos)


14.   The end of January finally brought us our first major snowstorm of the season, and we couldn't wait to get out in the fresh fallen powder.



13.   French, Jimmy, Sooley and I got on the go early to check out the massive drifts in the Goulds. Sooley was the first to get stuck finding snow drifted 4 feet deep along one side of a field, the Mach1 is now affectionately referred to as the Mach1-ton.







10.   French got stuck later in the day side hilling a massive drift that we were jumping.


9.   We were getting great air and had lots of powder blowing back over the hood of the sled.
















1.   Sooley spent a fair bit of time falling off his sled, but managed not to beat anything up. I guess he'll become a better rider in time. LoL (to check on his current status, check out pics from the 2011 annual cabin trip) It was another great day, its hard to have a bad day riding when there's lots of fresh snow!

Cheers, MIKE

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