January 14, 2006 Goulds ATV Run: (1 Photo)


1.   Unlike the past couple years, winter 2006 started out much more typical in that it's now the middle of January and we have very little snow on the ground. We made the best of the situation, I was still working hard on projects in the shed, and Sooley was reluctantly fixing up the old Enticer after loosing his Mach1-700 over Mount Peyton last April.

While we were all busy Adam took a break from his own projects and borrowed the Honda One Demo Rincon 650 ATV for a Saturday afternoon ride touring the snow covered trails of the Goulds. The downside to a winter having very little frost under a light snowfall is that you can not differentiate between solid trail and deep mud. Adam made the best of it, even with stock tires he managed to peruse a good few miles of trails. Getting stuck in the woods by yourself is more fun then staying home on the couch!

Cheers, MIKE

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