February 16-19, 2006 Annual Winter Trip: (6 Photos)


6.   It was with eager anticipation of another awesome annual Winter Trip that we headed out over the highway to the Sooley Family cabin near Whitbourne, NL.  Sooley, Adam French, Todd and I headed out over the highway Thursday morning under sunny skies but not ideal snow conditions.



5.   With a smaller crew on hand and not a lot of snow Sooley and I set about making improvements to the top of the pond fire pit clearing. We started by cutting down a few trees to make more room and tied up some benches so we didn't have to sit on the snow anymore!



4.   Unfortunately this year on top of low snow conditions we were met with a fair bit of rain and mild temperatures.  We did manage to get in a good bit of riding, ice fishing, jumping and skimming the sleds, but rain doesn't treat digital cameras well so we have very few photos of this trip.





2.   Although we all rocked water skimming in Highwaters, Todd made it look easy on his '05 Rev 500ss.



1.   Although the weather may dampen our spirits the winter cabin trip is never a bad time and we certainly made the most of it!

Cheers, MIKE

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