February 16-21, 2005 Annual Winter Trip: (61 Photos)


61.  As I've mentioned before last year was one of the best years for snowfall at the Sooley Cabin for our annual winter trip, and 2005 was shaping up to be great as well.


60.  Sooley, Maffer and I left town Wednesday morning under sunny skies destined to be the first to arrive at the cabin. We did a little run when we got the sleds unloaded and in true Sooley Cabin Tradition Maffer and I got our sleds stuck within the fist 10 minutes of unloading.


59.   Sooley was looking forward to his first cabin trip on a machine that wasn't trying to break his back!


58.  Sooley Had his '98 Mach 1-700 as well as the two Enticers, Maffer was riding his Scandic 503, and I had my '97 Grand Touring 500 as well as Project Invader along for a test flight. I had to replace the fuel lines on the invader which was done in quick order and the sled ran great!


57.  With that out of the way, we spent the day getting the cabin ready and scouting out some jumps in the back of Highwaters. Snow conditions were great, it was easy to get around and there was lots of snow in the woods.


56.  Bill and Long arrived Thursday morning and we made tracks carving up as much snow as we could with the imposing forecast of rain for Friday. Bill had his Yamaha Vmax 700 and his new RX1 with him, Long was riding a rental Skidoo Grand Touring 800 triple. We did a lot of jumps and burned a lot of gas, unfortunately not taking time for a single pic!


55.  That evening on a run up the pole line, Long tagged a rock with the right ski of his rental Skidoo and bent up an ADSA arm in the front suspension.




53.  Luckily one of the crew managed to pick up a replacement part in town on his way to the cabin and the sled was repaired in no time!


52.  Friday and Adam arrived with his 600cc Arctic Cat rental beast. The sled was studded which was a good thing given the glare ice conditions on the pond, but the rear suspension was shot and would flatten to the ground when Adam rode it!


51.  Later that day the rain came as forecasted but we dressed up anyway and got in a little riding while there was water on the ice to keep the liquid cooled sleds from overheating.


50.  With so much water on the pond Sooley broke out the old "Ice-Water Skis" and went for a run up the pond towed by Long and his freshly repaired sled.




48.  These were built ears ago when we converted an old set of water skis to use with winter boots and I towed Sooley up the pond with our 6x6 Argo.


47.  Ronnie and his family arrived Friday evening and prepared the bunk house for their stay, Long made sure three was plenty of heat so they wouldn't be cold.









43.  The rain ended overnight and soon after the temperature plummeted freezing all the water on the ice solid. The ponds were now glare ice with nothing for traction or cooling of liquid cooled sleds, and the snow that was left in the woods was frozen hard as a rock.


42.   Saturday French and Todd arrived, they just returned from a sled and stay overnight trip in Gander where they logged some miles on the sleds. Todd recently sold his Yamaha Viper and picked up a brand new Skidoo REV 500ss.








38.  Even though snowmobiling conditions were not great, we made the best of the day by running the fan cooled sleds to the top of the pond to go ice fishing and have a fire in our fire pit.
























26.  Saturday afternoon the girls showed up, just in time for a fire, BBQ and a few brew.






23.  Throughout the day Saturday we had a few flurries, it was barely enough to keep the sleds cool riding up the ponds, but we made a day of it riding and ice fishing.














16.  After supper we rejuvenated our fire at the top of the pond with all hands on deck.







12.  Sunday brought sunny skies and cold temps and a kick ass breakfast.
















4.   With the cabin cleaned up it was time to load up and head for home.







1.  It wasn't the best year weather-wise, those of us who got up there early enjoyed great snowmobiling but everyone had a great time!

Cheers, MIKE

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