August 25, 2005 Goulds ATV ride: (8 Photos)


8.   On a beautiful sunny August day Adam called me to go for an afternoon ATV run as he had acquired the demo bike from his work. I loaded up Project Foreman, French tagged along with his 2002 Foreman and we set out for a run in the Goulds to check out some trails in the area. We met up with Adam who was riding a 2005 Rincon 650.


7.   We unloaded the bikes on Power's Road then headed west where we tried to follow the old Southern Shore Railway Line. Some of the puddles were extremely deep and I was still working out the kinks with my brand new snorkel kit.


6.   Unfortunately I stalled my bike in the first extra deep water hole and Adam buried the Honda Rincon 650 trying to ride a bypass trail around the hole I was in.


5.   French's Foreman was called into duty to pull out my bike, while I drained water from the carburetor Mark winched out Adam and we continued on our way.


4.   I had forgotten to plug the carburetor overflow line, which when submerged will allow water back into the carburetor bowl, bikes run better on gas then they do bog water.




2.   We then changed plans opting for a less tangly ride and eventually made our way over to Northern Pond Road then onto Foxtrap exploring many side trails along the way before heading back to the trucks.


1.   It was a great, relaxing, muddy ride, but I have no idea why we weren't all working on a Thursday!


Cheers, MIKE

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