April 3, 2004 Cape Shore Ice Fishing: (9 Photos)


9.   The Cape Shore area of the Southern Avalon Peninsula is simply beautiful. In most areas its barren of trees, the red underbrush brush broken occasionally by a patch of stunted spruce bushes or a large glacial boulder. Its relatively flat, littered with small ponds, gullies, brooks and soft rolling hills. Its been quite a few years since I ventured to this area of the province.


8.   Growing up, I spent a lot of time here with my Dad, Aunts and Uncles camping, moose hunting, trouting, and ice fishing, it felt great to be back.


7.   This morning Dad, Uncle Wilson and I offloaded the sleds on the side of the road and headed North West across country to Green Island Pond. As the winter season was coming to a close the hill tops were bare, but there was still plenty of snow around so travelling was great.






4.   This day brought typical Spring riding conditions, consisting of mild weather and crusty snow loosened by the morning sun. Arriving at the pond we bored a few holes and started catching a few trout. This area is much more difficult to access Legally in the summer due to regulations restricting ATV use on wetlands, so the fishing was great. We caught quite a few trout, one big enough to snap one of my sticks in half!




2.   For lunch we boiled the kettle and baked kippers, beans bully beef over our fire. I spent the afternoon cruising the country side playing on the hard packed snow.


1.   It was a great ride and I managed to find a few jumps, lots of flat smooth fast areas to run flat out, and a scattered small hill to climb. All in all it was a great day and I look forward to returning here soon!

Cheers, MIKE

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