April 25, 2004 Goulds Last Run of the Year: (5 Photos)


5.   Well there will be no more (or at least very little) riding the poor old Enticer for sledsooley. The old 340cc, air cooled, 2" suspension travel - back breaker has been replaced by Sooley's latest purchase, a 1997 Skidoo Mach1 700cc triple with a lot better suspension. It may be heavy, but its fast and comfortable.


4.   Luckily for Sooley, mother nature answered his voodoo snow dance and dropped one last snowfall for the year, which allowed him to get a test ride in before storing the sled for the summer.


3.   That morning Sooley & Bill loaded the sleds and headed to the Goulds to ride on the patchy snow cover on the fields.


2.   Like early in the season, this is a pretty safe place to test a sled as there are very few rocks/obstacles in the middle of the fields.


1.   They had a great afternoon, and Sooley loved the power of the new machine. Look out Winter '04-'05!!!

Cheers, MIKE

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